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In addition to Minako/Jack, kinopurinchan asked about Minako/Kunzite.  SO GET READY FOR A MESS OF WORDS ABOUT THESE GUYS.

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If you remember me at all from my LJ days, you’ll know I’ve had a bit to say about this pairing.

Short version: I don’t really subscribe to OTPs because I don’t like limiting myself.  Why have them bone when person when they can bone them all?  But if I had to pick one OTP where I was only allowed to fangirl for one pairing for the rest of my life, it would be Venus/Kunzite.

Now as to why I love them… gah, there is so much my brain kind of froze for a minute.

Maybe I should start by saying I like playing around with all the Senshi/Shitennou pairings (provided the Shitennou don’t really resemble their anime personalities at all - especially Jadeite).  The manga is nice because it gives you broader strokes in terms of interpreting the Shitennou.  I disagree with the criticism that the manga’s characterization is weaker or underdeveloped; I just think it’s more subtle.  Quite a bit of characterization also comes from Naoko’s notes, not to mention some kind of weird fanon hive mind.  Like how Jadeite somehow wound up being the goofy manchild?  I actually have a theory for how that happened, but THIS IS NOT THE TIME.

But while I like playing with the Senshi/Shitennou pairings, Venus/Kunzite is the one I throw most of my support behind.  For one thing, it’s actually canon (well, canon-ish given how its presented to us in the Sailor V manga, but I choose to interpret that scene in a way that makes it canon).  Granted, I don’t need canon to make me ship characters (‘never actually met in canon?  NOT A PROBLEM!’), but since Senshi/Shitennou can be kind of divisive because ‘it’s only based on a picture’ I feel the need to mention it.  This is probably silly.

Notice how I keep circling the point here?  I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS I DON’T KNOW HOW TO START.

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