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In addition to Minako/Jack, kinopurinchan asked about Minako/Kunzite.  SO GET READY FOR A MESS OF WORDS ABOUT THESE GUYS.

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If you remember me at all from my LJ days, you’ll know I’ve had a bit to say about this pairing.

Short version: I don’t really subscribe to OTPs because I don’t like limiting myself.  Why have them bone when person when they can bone them all?  But if I had to pick one OTP where I was only allowed to fangirl for one pairing for the rest of my life, it would be Venus/Kunzite.

Now as to why I love them… gah, there is so much my brain kind of froze for a minute.

Maybe I should start by saying I like playing around with all the Senshi/Shitennou pairings (provided the Shitennou don’t really resemble their anime personalities at all - especially Jadeite).  The manga is nice because it gives you broader strokes in terms of interpreting the Shitennou.  I disagree with the criticism that the manga’s characterization is weaker or underdeveloped; I just think it’s more subtle.  Quite a bit of characterization also comes from Naoko’s notes, not to mention some kind of weird fanon hive mind.  Like how Jadeite somehow wound up being the goofy manchild?  I actually have a theory for how that happened, but THIS IS NOT THE TIME.

But while I like playing with the Senshi/Shitennou pairings, Venus/Kunzite is the one I throw most of my support behind.  For one thing, it’s actually canon (well, canon-ish given how its presented to us in the Sailor V manga, but I choose to interpret that scene in a way that makes it canon).  Granted, I don’t need canon to make me ship characters (‘never actually met in canon?  NOT A PROBLEM!’), but since Senshi/Shitennou can be kind of divisive because ‘it’s only based on a picture’ I feel the need to mention it.  This is probably silly.

Notice how I keep circling the point here?  I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS I DON’T KNOW HOW TO START.

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you got it babe

As I said before, space fashion is all about appearing as harmless as possible. Walking around half naked or with very tight outfits leaving no place for weapons means you’re such a badass you don’t care for defending yourself. also aliens are pretty fond of showing muscles, scars and exotic features as a whole to show uniqueness, since it’s a very wide universe and thousands of different species try to make themselves look more important than they are through artificial means. Mammals are very rare as a whole (saiyans survived so long only thanks to their strength) and don’t have many defining features, so they mostly force attention to their hair (since they are among the very few species to grow some) and their rather unusual skin color. All outfits are unisex and made out of extremely stretchable material so everyone can wear them. the trends are mostly based on the military, which is the most important driving force in the universe, so it’s all about gloves and high boots.

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